About Us

We have been dealing in souvenirs that has been produced in Maldives itself. For many years and still we are proud to say that we have more collection compared to any other souvenir shop in Maldives.
We have our own local employees in different parts of Maldives who produce and artistically design the products to bring out the Maldivian creativity. They are based in different islands for various reasons like:
– Easy access to the materials required to produce the product.
– Raw materials availability is cheaper in the island, meaning the product can be available for a cheaper price.
– Providing better opportunity to the skill personals to develop their skills as well as sustain it.
– Provide an environment where the employees can work near to their family and in their homeland.
– A monthly salary provides the employees encouragement and also risk free working criteria.
– This also provides others with better opportunities to learn the skill.
Apart from the opportunities we provide the locals, we also provide the best quality of products. Our products are checked thoroughly for stand quality before being sold in our shops.
Even though our products are displayed and sold in our shop (KASHI BOAT), which is located in the prime area of Male’. We also supply the products to resorts, government and private offices, other small scale shops, thus we also prepare best gifts for the foreign delegates as per the requests. The custom design gifts produced by our local producers has always left the delegates in awe.

Since the very beginning of tourist shops, we have been established in the dealing of souvenirs. Never once have we closed down the place restricting the availability of our products. This is a business we do out our love to our country. Our products are not only astounding to look at, it is also a piece of our country people can carry back to their homeland.
Our products reflect our culture, tradition, beauty as well as memories of our ancestors. The artifacts we provide also tells a tale of our Nation, a tale they carry back home to be shared among their loved ones. The memories engraved in our work of art always proves to be worthy.
As our pricings are more competitive compared to the rest, having a shop at the airport would be best opened opportunity for us to not only expand our business but also it will provide more opportunities to the islanders who need jobs staying their native lands. Apart from that, as we have the best collection of items available in the market, the tourists will also have a wider range of quality goods to choose from.
We would be having a better facility to showcase our products to last minutes and not to mention the tourists who departs direct from the resort who doesn’t get an opportunity to explore the vast variety of products available in the market. Most of the time people who visits for business, who doesn’t find time to sight see will also have a better accessibility to the available products.

Our packing is custom packaging according to the product as well as the customer’s request. Our “Dhoni’s” are packed in handmade and designed boxes. The boxes are showcased in a manner that, even when the dhoni is in the box, one can view the beauty and details of the dhoni. The wood art is also packed and displayed in works of art equivalent to the product.
The paintings are also framed to enhance the beauty of the painting. The frame not being dull but not deviating the presentation of the picture. All our packing is presented in works of art yet it also ensures the safety of the product. We have a team for packing who tests how sturdy the packing is and ensuring that it is the most appropriate one.